Since 2002

VUSTE ENVIS is a transnational vocational training organisation which works with diverse European training programmes and mobility projects in collaboration with a wide number of partners from different European countries. Since 2007, VUSTE ENVIS is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education as a vocational training centre.

Our main objective is the development of European projects in order to promote mobility among youth, students and graduates. As a result, VUSTE ENVIS mainly works with the Leonardo da Vinci programme, as a coordinator and a partner.

Our vast experience hosting participants under the mobility programme of Leonardo da Vinci – VUSTE ENVIS has hosted participants over the last ten years – guarantees valuable work experience and promising chances for entering the labour market. VUSTE ENVIS coordinates as well VETPRO projects, organising visits and hosting professionals. Moreover, our organisation develops programmes in order to boost local growth, by sending participants abroad.